Estepona Property Management & Property Maintenance

livingstone Estates Real Estate

We help you with a wide variety of tasks:

  • Registering your telephone line

  • Car rental

  • Searching for inexpensive flights

  • Laundry or dry cleaning

  • Insurance Management

  • Facility Maintenance

Estepona Property Management & Property Maintenance

Decorate your new home

We help you decorate your new home. Livingstone Estates has managed to fill a significant market gap by providing its clients with exceptional property management as well as maintenance and concierge services.

Leave your property in the hands of Livingstone Estates and relax with the peace of mind that a professional and qualified staff will do everything to make you feel satisfied. Our Department of Management and Maintenance is dedicated to offering you the most efficient service.

excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

We are proud to be able to satisfy our customers and to set ourselves apart from the rest. The Livingstone Estate team’s experience guarantees that no matter how unforeseen something may be, we can take care of it.

luxury furniture design

Trusted Professionals Providers

All of these services are offered by trusted professional providers.

One of the most satisfying jobs carried out by our team of experts at Livingstone Estates is advising you on how best to decorate your new home. The Management and Maintenance Department can provide you with customized solutions adapted to your style and budget. We can get everything you need, from luxury furniture to lighting, bedding and table linens.

Any problem of time, distance or language will be solved by our team of experts, leaving you with time to relax and enjoy the preparation of your new home. The Department of Management and Maintenance will ensure that all work is done with the highest quality standards. You will have your property fully furnished and decorated by the agreed date.

In addition to these services, Livingstone Estates also offers its clients a complete concierge and maintenance service.


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